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H.A.R.F Foster Application Form
Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation, P.O. Box 515,
Puunene, HI 96784 Phone: 808-876-0022.

Preferred way to be reached?
If yes what date?
1) Why do you want to be a foster caregiver?
2) How did you hear about the program?
3) What previous animal experience, if any, do you have?
4) Which animals, and under what conditions, would you be willing to foster?
6) What animals do you presently have at home?
8) Have you had any animals die in the last year? If yes, please explain the circumstances:
9) Do you have children living at home? If so, please list their ages:
12) Have you considered the negative aspects of fostering? How will you deal with destructive behavior, messes in the house, frequent feedings, etc?
14) How will you isolate foster animals from your own animals?
15) Are you willing to assume some financial responsibility in fostering an animal?
16) How will you cope if a foster animal becomes critically ill or dies under your care?
17) If you are currently renting your home or apartment, would you be able to provide written approval to foster from your landlord? If yes, a home inspection conducted by Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (H.A.R.F.) is required for all foster volunteers. Are you willing to allow us to complete this inspection?
18) What experience do you have working with animals?
19) Please tell us about any pets currently residing in your home (type, age, medical conditions, etc.). If you do have pets, are you able to separate them from your foster animals, if necessary? Are your pets at home spayed/nuetured?
20) Do you have reliable transportation? Are you able to bring your foster animals in for Veterinary Services a minimum of once every two weeks or in case of an emergency?
21) Please tell us about your current availability to volunteer. How long will you have to leave the foster animals unattended during the day? Do you have a flexible schedule? Are you able to commit to six months in this program?
22) How do you feel about H.A.R.F.’s policies regarding spay/neuter?
23) What activities are you presently involved in (i.e. work, volunteering for other organizations, and other commitments)?
24) How many hours will the foster animals be left alone during an average day? Is there anyone who will assist you in caring for the animals?
26) Do you have any questions or concerns about being a foster caregiver?
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